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Ivolginsky datsan

Centre description
The Ivolginsky Datsan (Buddhistic Temple) is situated in a picturesque and peaceful place, named Ivolga, that is 23 kilometres from Ulan-Ude, the capital of Buryatia. Service-Hurals and everyday ceremony that are dedicaed to Lamas and the most important events of Buddhistic history take place there. By the way Lamas help and defend believers from the bad inluence of other people.

The Ivolginsky Datsan was opened in 1945 as the only Buddhistic spiritual centre of USSR/Russia. In the course of time the little "Khambin's sume" changed into the Monastic centre with a residence of Khambo Lama, the leader of all Russian Lamas.

Among the most famous Buddhists of the world are khambo-lama Darmayev Lubsan-Nimma, Sharapov Yeshy-Dorzhy, Gamboyev Zhambal- Dorzhy, Erdyneyev Zhimba. They all dedicated much to the development of Buddhism in Russia.

Being a cultural and religion monument the Datsan is protected by the State. The Datsan Centre consists of such temples as Sockshin-gugan, Maidrin-sume, Devazhin and Sackhjusan-sume.

There are also a library, hotel, the philosophic faculty - Choyra, building of the Buddhistic University - Dashy Choinhorlin, museum of monuments of Buryat art, sacred tumbs-suburgans, some service buildings and houses for lamas there.

Nowadays The Ivolginsky Datsan is considered to be the centre of Buddhism in Russia. It attracts a lot of tourists and believers.

See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivolga_monastery
Established 1945
Where on earth is Ivolginsky datsan?
Ivolginsky datsan
Ivolginsky area s.
Verhnyaya Ivolga Buryatia
Russia 671050
Contact Ivolginsky datsan
Tel +1 734 5016496
Email datsan@yandex.ru
WWW www.datsan.buryatia.ru
Update 2007-06-18
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